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Black Butler by Sesshoumaru12981


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August 8, 2013
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71) Six Feet Underground UndertakerXDeadReader by reaper-of-lost-souls 71) Six Feet Underground UndertakerXDeadReader by reaper-of-lost-souls

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A/N: Oh wow! I just noticed it's been three months since I actually posted anything
Sorry for not having this up guys. I barely finished any stories from this 100 challenge and the ones I have finished I never got around to reviewing... but whatever. At least something is up!!
I was in the mood to review an UndertakerXReader story so I did. Honestly I could have done this story better, but hey it's about 5 pgs long. That's pretty good considering I was trying to make this a short story!! =D Anyways if you like it do comment. It'd be nice to hear your guys' input, though I must warn you I may not answer you back for a while. I tend to get busy
If you guys do have any ideas for short stories don't be afraid to ask! I'm doing the 100 challenge with a Canon CharacterXReader format, so keep that in mind when you ask. You can also throw your OCs in the mix so there you go! I hope you hear from you guys soon and see you later!!!
sphinx-sorrel Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's always awkward for me when I read reader insert stories that include William sense my oc is William's sister an' all xD then I try to change the last name to my dad's so then it's Sorrel Anderson but it can't be that either because Lawrence Anderson (the glasses maker .3. ) so then I use my mom's last name (the one that I actually user in rl) so then I'm Sorrel Kalama, which sounds weird, and like why would I have a Hawaiian last name if I'm in England and yeah xD But as always I absolutely loved your story ouo <3
reaper-of-lost-souls Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well for myself, my last name would never be part of a cannon, or heck, in any sort of story (Wojniak - Polish - meaning warman/warrior man) so I don't have that problem :giggle: (and while it's certainly an interesting name, only a few people in the entire world, I think, have this last name and I think it's because of a particular town in Poland where other Woj- names come from... and I have no idea how that works :XD: So I'll stop talking about that)
And that's kind of why I just write reader inserts now. While I love to make up OCs, I'm not the best picker of names (I just think up a name and the pop it into the character. That's how great of an OC writer I am ^^)

That is a cool name, Sorrel. I like that. What does that mean? :O
And I have relatives in Hawaii so I understand how interesting their names/last names can be. And you live in England? Cool!! I'm just an American =D with a colorful family background, woot

And I'm glad you loved my story (forgot to say that, oops) It's always nice to get comments! =D (even if I never~ get around to answering them ^^;)
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